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Lew Lim and his colleagues invented intranasal light therapy (or “photobiomodulation”) as a non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic photonic energy into the human body in California in 1995. The research and development continued under MedicLights Research Inc in the 2000’s before Vielight Inc was founded to commercialize the invention.

The research data in the field of photomedicine is growing and promising. However, photomedicine requires science combined with engineering creativity to make it accessible for use in everyday life.

Our mission is to engineer photobiomodulation devices that are safe and effective, easy to use and affordable – all to truly help improve one’s quality of life.

Today, we seek to build our knowledge and expand our range of solutions by working in collaboration with some world-renowned research institutions in the field of photobiomodulation or low level light therapy.

The Team

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Vielight Inc

Lew Lim, PhD, DNM, MBA, FCMA, Grad.Cert.Eng.
Founder & CEO

Peter Adams
VP, Business Development

Hilary Au, PhD, MSc, BSc Biochem.
VP, Science, Materials & Logistics

Glynn Jones, CPA, CA, B Com.
Chief Financial Officer

Jim Wang, MBA, BSc Chem Eng.
VP, China Business Development


Michael Hamblin, PhD, MSc, HBsc
Harvard Medical School

Reza Zomorrodi, PhD, MSc, HBSc Physics.
CAMH, University of Toronto

Dawn Lim, MD, MBA
University Health Network, Toronto

Janine Liburd, PhD, MSc Biochem.
Research Scientist

Teng Howe, BSc Mech Eng.
Chief Engineer, Mechanical & Manufacturing

Kam Yip, MBA, BSc Elec Eng.
Electronics & Software Engineer

Bryan Jenkins, MSc, BSc. Neuroscience.
Neuroscience & Electrophysiology R&D

Dominic Jake King Lim, BSc Comp Math.
Operations Director

Genane Loheswaran, MSc, BSc, Pharmacology.
Research Advisor

Email : info@vielight.com

VieLight Inc
346A Jarvis Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2G6

+1-855-875-6841 (Toll-free for US and Canada)
+1-647-201-5499 (International)