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  1. simon dihart
  2. Seamus Leonard
    Seamus Leonard Vielight Admin
    Hi, the forum has been flooded with spam posts. Please delete them and ban the accounts so that people who have bought your product can use the forums. Thanks
  3. cathwa genovese
  4. averyfliming
  5. rochelle
  6. KYAlzheimers
    week 1. neuro gamma. mom more alert. more spontaneous conversation w/ grandchildren. early am disoriented awakening significantly less.
    1. Charles Smith
      Charles Smith
      This is Charles from Chill Zone Cryo in Cincinnati. I have been using the gamma and letting my clients try it out also. My wife, daughter and I have all seen results, My wife sent a gamma to her 96 year old grandma who has Alzheimer, Dementia, and countless strokes.
      May 21, 2017
    2. Charles Smith
      Charles Smith
      She has been non verbal and under total care. After 2 weeks she would smile when she woke up. At 3 weeks she started talking and responding to questions, some short answers other were longer.
      May 21, 2017
  7. mawbi
    Going toward the light.
  8. Stan Hyman MBA
  9. Rick
    Hello Everyone! I am excited to have my first Vielight Neuro, and I can't wait to use it within my center providing neurofeedback!
  10. Steven
    Steven wantingtorecovereveryday
    I'm 28 been through this ride for 3 years and now starting to understand possible cause. I would like to ask you a few questions to see if you have similar exposures. If you want to speak offline you can email me at sbenton11688@gmail.com. There's for sure a cure for this which Il be starting a protocol in a few weeks but need more information from a few more individuals such as yourself.