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Intranasal applicator: directionality

Discussion in 'Technology : Questions and Answers' started by Davido, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Davido

    Davido New Member

    Let's focus on the VieLight 655--the laser applicator.
    I've got to think the designers have got this figured out properly,
    but on the other hand it is hard for me to disbelief what my own eyes tell me:

    When I take the applicator out of my nose while turned on
    and point it at my hand or a piece of paper,
    here is what I notice about the DIRECTION of the light:

    1. the vast majority of the light seems to go
    a) in the direction directly opposite from the noseclip
    b) straight up

    If this is indeed the case,
    and if most are wearing the applicator with the clip fastened to the side of the nose adjacent to the face
    with the body of the applicator hanging straight up and down, vertically...

    ...then the vast majority of the light energy would seem to be going:
    1. out through the other side of the nose and across in front of the face
    2. straight up out of the top of the nose and in front of the eyes.

    If others could confirm what I'm seeing with my VieLight 655, I would appreciate it.
    What you should see, if yours is like mine,
    when you take the applicator out of the nose and shine it at your hand or a piece of paper
    is this:
    There are two main focuses of the light.
    One projects in a slightly curved line in a direction mainly away from the noseclip.
    The other projects straight out from the tip of the body of the applicator.

    I would appreciate feedback on what others notice about this.
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  2. mawbi

    mawbi New Member

    I am curious about positioning as well. The clip is immediately very painful, with or without the blue 'grip' -- too painful for my right side altogether -- so I am always having to adjust it for comfort. Apart from the discomfort, my nose bone interferes with the depth I can insert the nasal device, and a lot of the light goes into the direction of the bone. How do I position it to ensure the correct irradiating sweep?
  3. Davido

    Davido New Member


    Which device do you have?
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  4. mawbi

    mawbi New Member

    I have the Neuro Alpha and purchased a spare nasal apparatus -- they are both barely tolerable on one side, not at all on the other. These are poorly designed for my structure and have no illumination accuracy as a result.
  5. Dominic

    Dominic Administrator Vielight Team


    If you were to examine the nasal diode, you will see a built in divergence of about 57 degrees. This is to prevent the beam from pointing straight up, as you mentioned - but instead, points it at a downwards angle. This should focus most of the beam towards the upper septum of your nose, though admittedly, some of it does point sideways but that's mitigatable by adjusting the angle as much as you can, such that the clip points "downwards".

    If you look at the tip of the lens, there appears to be a defect - like a bubble. This helps to bend the light. The bubble is different for every product and hence there will be some variations in the way the light is "bent" for all the applicators, but generally, it works quite well. The light pattern from the laser diode is not circular but rather like an elongated rectangle - this complicates the design.

    The nasal channel's interior is the focus point for the 655, where most of the beam will be scattered within the blood capillaries. For the 810 and Neuros, the longer wavelength causes scattering past the intranasal channel and scatters within the bone structure towards the underside of your brain.

    Hope this helps,
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2017
  6. Donna Creasy

    Donna Creasy New Member

    I store the intranasal device with a pencil or a pen wedged in to hold it open -- then it is much more comfortable to use.
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  7. Donna Creasy

    Donna Creasy New Member

    Store the intranasal piece with a pencil or pen wedged in to hold it open. It's much more comfortable to use after storing it this way.
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