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Intranasal led diode position? ( Neuro Alpha, gamma, 810 )

Discussion in 'Technology : Questions and Answers' started by v1987, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. v1987

    v1987 New Member


    I picked up a Neuro Gamma. Ive noticed on the intranasal device the LED diode is pointed sideways when held in its upright position. I guess when inserted into the nose, it will irradiate the nasal blood channels with photons which most likely serves to have a systemic role. Im curious though why doesn't the led diode point towards the brain? There are illustrations on the vielight website that show "beams" targeting the undersides of the brain through the nose. This is just a curious question. Its obvious the current method works but i was just curious how or where the beams reach.

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