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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Vielight Admin, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. mawbi

    mawbi New Member

    Angela, for this specifically, I use the Warp units from Quantum Devices (the folks that developed the technology for NASA, and led the way for many initial studies). Their Warp 10 unit has an area of 10cm2, is battery operated and has an 80 second cycle, while the Warp 75 unit is 75cm2 and is plugged in -- the Warp 75 is the one used in hospitals but is for sale to the consumer as well. These have microchip diodes smaller than a grain of rice. The other device that I have found to be effective (and share with my geriatric neighbours) is the DPL panel, I have many pairs of the original panels which have 660 & 850nm diodes. The device has been updated so my experience is with the initial iteration....These panels are effective for superficial wounds and muscle aches. All of these work for neuropathy as well as wound healing. For spot ulcers I use a Laserlift pen which offers different beam heads and it's what I use for my pets too. The correct frequency, wavelength & power are all you need to look out for and the marketplace right now is flooded with effective options which use the new SMD chips and can offer more than one wavelength. Basically, the correct blue helps heal by destroying bacteria and has some anti-inflammatory effect, the red is wound healing (including reversing atrophied fibroblasts and rebuilding more than 3 types of collagen, so helps intractable wounds [e.g., diabetic] but also nerve pain -- it's the only safe and effective modality with efficacy for both, to date), while the green stimulates lymphatic action. Just remember that if you put the light on active bleeding it will stimulate flow. Hope that helps!
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  2. Dominic

    Dominic Administrator Vielight Team

    Thanks for the insight, mawbi. It's definitely interesting to see the different applications of photobiomodulation.
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  3. rochelle

    rochelle New Member

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  4. Shelley

    Shelley New Member

    My name is Shelley and live in Minnesota. I am 55 and since 1985 I was diagnosed with a Pituitary microadenoma. It is a cyst that produces prolactin.

    My question to you about the Vielight is would the beam of light reach the pituitary gland even tho it reaches the VTA part of the brain? I've googled many images of brains to see if I could answer my own question but thought I would come here to get the answer from the pros. If it does reach the pituitary are there any studies that have been done with the Vielight? With what I have been reading, this holds a promise that I have been looking for for a long time.

    Any insight would be appreciated

    Thank you for your time
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  5. Angela Wright

    Angela Wright New Member

    Hi Dominic, many thanks for your prompt reply. Noted.
    Best regards,
  6. Angela Wright

    Angela Wright New Member

    Hi Rochelle, many thanks for your very helpful reply. Have you had any specific success on leg ulcers?
  7. LBee

    LBee New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Lynn. An online interview with Lew Lim led me to this website and others. I have now spent the last couple of weeks reading many of the research papers quoted in the Vielight Inventors Notes and quoted in articles I have read online. The potential for this therapy is fascinating to me and I would like to try out both the systemic and neuro devices at some stage. My current and immediate interest is in the Pocket Miracle for management of pain and hope of return of full Range of Motion for a shoulder injury which has morphed into a frozen shoulder.

    As such, I do have questions about the Pocket Miracle device.
    When held against the skin, what size area on the skins surface is being treated?
    Also, is the stated power density of "5mW regulated pulsed" per cm2/second, per every three seconds (between beeps) or per 15 minutes (total timer time)? I ask as I would like to figure out how many Joules are being delivered per cm2, and use the device to irradiate trigger points in the many muscles contributing to the frozen shoulder. Also how deep does the 655nm laser in the Pocket Miracle penetrate into tissue?

    The WALT "Recommended treatment doses for Low Level Laser Therapy" suggests the use 780-860 nm and irradiation times between 20 and 300 seconds. Their recommendation is to deliver 4-8 Joules per point (cm2).

    I am also wondering about the potential of using the 810nm Vielight Intra Nasal device for trigger point therapy -- has anyone tried it?

    Thanks for any input
  8. mawbi

    mawbi New Member

    I'm curious about this too. Hopefully we will have an answer soon.

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