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NIR for brain repair

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by mawbi, May 9, 2017.

  1. mawbi

    mawbi New Member


    • NIR light can penetrate the head and reach the brain.

    • NIR is absorbed by cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria.

    • Heat-gated ion channels also play a role.

    • Increased blood flow, energy, neuroprotection, less inflammation, brain repair

    • Can treat traumatic (stroke, TBI), neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases

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  2. Charles Smith

    Charles Smith New Member

    My wife sent a Neuro Gamma to her grandmother in North Carolina. She is 97 years old with Alzheimers, dementia, and have had to many small strokes to count. She has been non verbal and in her little shell. After 2 weeks she started waking up with a smile on her face. 3 weeks in she started talking and responding to questions. Some are short answers, but others are longer. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks of use. My wife, daughter, and I all use our Gamma with great results, some totally not sure how, but will take them.

    Charles Smith
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  3. Dominic

    Dominic Administrator Vielight Team

    Thanks for the article @mawbi and thanks for the feedback, @Charles Smith. It's always great to receive anecdotal evidence that's in line with what we've been seeing with some of our user base.

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