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Which VieLight for Depression

Discussion in 'Technology : Questions and Answers' started by Chip, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Chip

    Chip New Member

    I have a friend who suffers from episodic, rapid onset, clinical depression every 2-3 months. It comes on without warning, and rarely seems to be triggered by specific events, and generally lasts 2-4 days. The etiology is uncertain.

    Would the alpha or gamma seem like a better device?

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  2. mawbi

    mawbi New Member

    My husband has MDD and I selected the Alpha as it is a calming frequency -- and he has his sessions post meditation (because of the specific breathing he employs, the nasal applicator interferes with that). Coupled with low dose ketamine intranasal spray, he says he has never felt so 'righted' in his life. I have severe dysautonomia, both of us use the Alpha and a wonderful, unexpected, benefit has been restorative sleep. hth!
  3. Donna Creasy

    Donna Creasy New Member

    I know from my clinical experience in providing neurofeedback that depression often is reflected by the left side of the brain being too slow. Since this is a periodic event, it would really be important to know more about the etiology of the depression -- for example, does it coincide with "anniversaries" of past events? Is it related to seasons and exposure to sunlight? A QEEG might shed significant light on what electrical patterns might be related to the depressive episodes. I find the Neuros to be valuable adjuncts to neurofeedback for resolving a host of problems more quickly.

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