The Vielight Neuro is the world’s first transcranial-intranasal near infrared (NIR) photobiomodulation device, engineered with microchip LED technology.

It is based on the science of photobiomodulation, the utilization of low level photonic energy to stimulate mitochondrial function in neurons.

It is engineered to emit pulsed(10 Hz) NIR light energy to the hubs of the default mode network (DMN) of the brain with embedded microchip technology light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The main objective is improved mental acuity and cognition without negative side effects.

Photobiomodulation headset

What Is The Vielight Neuro?

Device The Velight Neuro
Price $1499
Source Microchip LED Technology
Wavelength | Pulse Mode 810nm | 10 Hz
Duration 20 minutes (auto-timed)
Battery Source Rechargeable by electrical socket
User Guide Vielight Neuro User Guide

Design of the Vielight Neuro

Default Mode Network

Figure 1 : The Default Mode Network.


  1. In neuroscience, the Default Mode Network (DMN) is a network of highly interactive brain regions.
  2. Research on DMN abnormalities and related neuropathologies are highly advanced.

Targeted Stimulation

Figure 2 : Targeted Photoneuromodulation

  1. Targeting the DMN enables us to utilize fewer but very high-powered diodes in specific transcranial areas and an intranasal diode (5 areas in total) to deliver low level photons to the targeted network hubs.
  2. Our microchip LED technology allows extraction of a higher power density – sufficient to penetrate natural barriers and deliver photons to neurons.

The Intranasal Channel

  1. The intranasal channel is the most efficient channel to deliver photons to the deep ventral area, which holds core brain structures. (Reference Link )
  2. Photons diffuse easily through porous bone tissue when compared to natural barriers such as the skin and hair.

Next-Generation Design

  1. Our objective was to turn research-grade photobiomodulation devices into something simple, effective and affordable.
  2. The Vielight Neuro is a next-generation photobiomodulation device, improving on the design, efficiency and power of older devices.
  3. An example photobiomodulation helmet (of older design) used by the Veterans Affairs of America : (Link)

Additional Information

The VieLight Neuro (along with all Vielight devices) comes with a six-month satisfaction guarantee for 80% of your money back.
The VieLight Neuro is a general wellness device that is designed to enhance mental acuity. The NIR energy should theoretically reach targeted locations at immediate locations on the line of sight of the NIR beams. The depth of penetration varies between different individuals.
Read the inventor’s ideas behind the Vielight Neuro here : Inventor’s Notes
The Vielight Neuro is classified as a low-risk general wellness product. It does not require FDA clearance according to the FDA’s draft on “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” – dated January 20, 2015.
The VieLight Neuro Guide : Link
QEEG pre-post readings : Link