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Photoneuromodulation involves the absorption of photons by neurons, a mechanism that involves brain bioenergetics.

Beneficial effects : enhanced cognition and memory retrieval

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Low level photons may disaggregate and improve the structure of erythrocytes, resulting in enhanced cellular oxygen supply and blood properties.

Beneficial effects : improved systemic properties and blood oxygenation

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Vielight Inc offers a union between well-researched science and innovative engineering. During the design process, emphasis was placed on effectiveness, safety, affordability and ease of use.


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The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries. There are five major arteries that connect to the nasal cavity, while the Little’s area is known to be a frequent site of nasal bleeding. It is known to have more capillaries per sq cm than even the brain and most organs of the body.

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Mitochondria are the energy factories that exist within almost every cell.

They are the key to photobiomodulation.

Mitochondria have a substance called cytochrome c oxidase that can absorb red and NIR light, converting the photonic energy into a form of biological energy called adenosine triphosphate or “ATP”

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Vielight Research and Technology

Engineered with solid state technology and research-based parameters.

Vielight makes quality photobiomodulation devices that are built to last. Designed for wearability, you can use them anytime, anywhere.

We’re focusing our efforts and profits into furthering research in the field of brain photobiomodulation and boosting mental acuity.

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