Reinventing Photobiomodulation

Why Vielight?

At Vielight, we understand the necessity of combining engineering and science to create devices that improve one’s mental acuity and quality of life.

Our powerful devices have more published research than anything else in the field of brain photobiomodulation (PBM) research.

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Our transcranial and intranasal photobiomodulation technology have a global footprint.

Vielight devices are used by the US Veterans Affairs, major universities and individuals from all walks of life.

We are heavily invested in furthering research within the field of photobiomodulation.



Photoneuromodulation involves the absorption of photons by neurons.

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Blood photobiomodulation involves the absorption of photons by blood.

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The nasal cavity has more capillaries per cm2 than most organs of the body.

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Vielight Inc offers a union between novel science and innovative engineering.

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