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Photoneuromodulation involves the absorption of photons by neurons, a mechanism that involves brain bioenergetics.


Blood photobiomodulation involves the absorption of photons by blood components, modulating their properties.


Vielight Inc offers a union between well-researched science and innovative engineering. Emphasis is placed on effectiveness, safety and ease of use.


The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries. It is known to have more capillaries per cm2 than most organs of the body.

Vielight Research and Technology

Engineered with solid state technology and research-based parameters.

Vielight makes quality photobiomodulation devices that are built to last. Designed for wearability, you can use them anytime, anywhere.

We’re investing heavily to further research in the field of brain photobiomodulation and boosting cognition.

All Vielight devices come with a 6-month satisfaction guarantee.

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