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Biohacking is becoming more prominent as more people are actively seeking ways to improve there well being. We focus on improving body, general health and mental alertness. This category will include content that has relevance to self improvement. Meditation is a part of this content. Brain biohacking is a part of this larger category. It has to do with improving ones mental alertness and focus. Thus, brain biohacking is an important area for VieLight team. Our sophisticated devices help those interested in body and brain hacking.

VieLight devices are becoming popular among those who are serious about self improvement. Meditation, mental alertness and focus take the center stage for this group. Our devices provide opportunities to take meditation and brainhacking to a more serious level.

Vielight Neuro X-Plus Arrival

The promised and eagerly awaited Vielight Neuro X-Plus arrival is expected in 1-2 months! We have a long list of pre-orders and cannot wait to fulfill them. As soon as the units are available for deliveries, they will be out the door. The Vielight Neuro X-Plus Design The Vielight Neuro X-Plus' design and flexibility enables [...]

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