In the world of brain photobiomodulation technology and research, Vielight leads the way.

Our proprietary transcranial-intranasal design offers an unparalleled advantage for comprehensive brain stimulation.

Our devices have a global footprint, from major universities to individuals from all walks of life.

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Designed to enhance cerebral blood flow and brain function, the Neuro Gamma delivers 810nm NIR light, pulsed at a gamma oscillation of 40 Hz.

The potential benefits of heightened gamma waves are increased focus and improved memory encoding.

Read about our ongoing clinical trials and published studies : Published Study Links


Similar to the Neuro Gamma, the Neuro Alpha is designed to enhance cerebral blood flow and mitochondrial activity.

However, the Neuro Alpha’s 10 Hz pulse rate corresponds with alpha brain oscillations.

The potential benefits of heightened alpha waves are calmness and meditation.


Initially designed as an add-on to the Neuro, The Vielight X-Plus is a versatile and hybrid photobiomodulation device.

This device stimulates regions not covered by the Neuro, such as the posterior of the brain(cerebellum/brain stem), the vagus nerve or shoulder.

Additionally, the 633nm applicator complements the Neuro’s 810nm beam. For full details on its uses and capabilities : Info Sheet


The Vielight 810 is a standalone intranasal device with a 10 Hz alpha pulse, designed for gentle brain photobiomodulation.

With only half of the Neuro’s intranasal applicator’s power density, the less intense stimulation is suitable for casual, everyday use.

The technologies being studied in these clinical trials are not yet approved by any national regulatory body for the treatment of medical conditions and are presently only for the enhancement of general wellness and mental acuity.

Please note that the Neuro Gamma device is not the same as the RX Gamma that is currently being used in our ongoing clinical trials. While the parameters are similar, the RX Gamma is intended to be compliant with regulatory requirements for a medical device and will not be available without regulatory clearance.