The nasal channel is saturated with permeable blood capillaries.

Vielight technology delivers electromagnetic energy to blood that flows through the nasal channel.

Convenient and effective, blood photobiomodulation has never been easier.


Systemic Photobiomodulation

Vielight technology directs photons into the circulatory system through the dense network of blood capillaries inside the nose.

The Vielight 633 and Vielight 655’s visible red beams disperse into and are absorbed by the dense network of blood capillaries inside the nose.

Theoretical benefits include :

  • Improved energy levels

  • Increased oxygenation


  • Improved mood and energy levels

The theory of photobiomodulation proposes the release of nitric oxide(NO) within blood capillaries. The most important function of NO is vasodilation, causing blood vessels to relax and widen. This leads to improved mood and energy levels.

  • Increased oxygenation

Photobiomodulation of the blood has been shown to increase oxygenation and hemoglobin concentration (Δ[HbO]) within stimulated areas, as the electromagnetic energy dose accumulates over time.

By irradiating the nasal cavity, saturated with permeable blood vessels, blood photobiomodulation can be achieved non-invasively.

Read more about the science here : [ Link ] (Wang, X. et al. Interplay between up-regulation of cytochrome-c-oxidase and hemoglobin oxygenation induced by near-infrared laser. Sci. Rep. 6, 30540; doi: 10.1038/srep30540 (2016).)


The Vielight 633 Red is a compact personal photobiomodulation (PBM) device. Its 633 nm wavelength is ideal for systemic photobiomodulation.

The LED of the Vielight 633 Red releases non-coherent cold LED light that is bright red and visible to the human eye.

vielight 633 red systemic PBM device
vielight 655 prime systemic PBM device


Similar to the Vielight 633 Red, the Vielight 655 Prime emits a powerful beam within the visible red range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

However, the Vielight 655 Prime utilizes a cold laser beam instead of a LED beam. The efficacy is theoretically similar between the two models.

What do biohackers say?

Vielight systemic photobiomodulation devices have a positive impact on physical performance.

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“I really feel like it affects my brain in a positive manner. This is a tool to optimize your body.”

biohacker ben greenfield

“It’s quite interesting and the benefits to sports performance are greater than what I had thought.”

biohacker teemu arina

“Technology that was available only for the privileged few, is now available for everybody.”

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“Photobiomodulation can improve memory, cognitive performance and state of mind.”