Media Coverage

A Story about TBI with CTE and Vielight tPBM


The Salt Lake Tribune Story about TBI with CTE and Vielight tPBM A testimonial story, by Christopher Kamrani, about a former football star and Vielight technology recently appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune. We thought that it is an important testimonial that should be heard by as many people as possible. This brief blog post [...]

Vielight featured on The Nature of Things


"The Brain's Way of Healing", an episode on The Nature of Things - airing on the CBC news network with David Suzuki and Dr. Norman Doidge. Our intranasal photobiomodulation technology will be featured in a snippet about helping veterans overcome PTSD. Catch the episode here  : Link Please note, this video is only available to [...]

CityNews Toronto – LED headset shows promise


The Vielight Neuro Device Shows Promise Could it be that this odd-looking LED headset shows promise to be a life-changer for those with Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injuries? Researchers in Toronto and Boston found cognitive changes after using the Vielight Neuro device. Watch it here - Link The technologies being studied in these clinical [...]

Seeker of Discovery Channel: Vielight brain photobiomodulation


Vielight Article by Seeker: Brain Photobiomodulation Vielight's R&D work in brain photobiomodulation is gaining traction - this time, in an outstanding article by Seeker: a digital magazine owned by the Discovery Channel. Read the fascinating article here : Link