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Do you run a practice, belong to a research institute or are a thought leader in a related field? We’re looking to expand our network of qualified individuals to work together with.

Contact us  to see if you qualify as an affiliate or a reseller.

If you’re a researcher in the field of performance or cognitive processes, get in touch to learn about collaborative and sponsorship opportunities to run IRB-approved research with Vielight devices.

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Why Vielight technology?

Vielight technology is adopted by a wide variety of health and performance communities – from everyday people, professional athletes and interest groups, to practitioners and leading research institutions, such as the University of California San Francisco, Boston University School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs of the USA.

Our patented brain and systemic irradiation technology is beneficial, easy-to-use and actively utilized in clinical research. Discover the benefits of photobiomodulation in your practice, research institute or organization today.

Vielight Affiliate Information

If you are a practitioner, a thought leader or a business owner, contact us to see whether you qualify as an affiliate or a reseller for Vielight products.

Vielight affiliates enjoy a range of benefits, including access to copyrighted media and collateral material and personalized support from our staff, among other incentives. We try  to help you to succeed in promoting our devices in a customer-focused way which adheres to our standards.

  • If you’re a practitioner, a degree from a recognized institution is required.
  • If you run a business, a physical location and business license is required.

If you are a researcher in the field of performance or cognitive processes, get in touch to learn about collaborative and sponsorship opportunities to run Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research employing Vielight brain and systemic photobiomodulation devices.

We have a team of research scientists and administrators that can assist with IRB safety documentation, as well as protocol designs.

  • If you perform research, you must be currently employed in a recognized institution.

If you’re a professional athlete and interested in adopting Vielight photobiomodulation technology to elevate your performance, contact us today. We also work together with athletes, who meet certain criteria, to expand our network and data collection and to help them to overcome performance-related barriers.

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